To develop the right strategy, you need to have insights into the behavior of your competitor. This will help craft a gameplan that will increase your chances of succeeding. We will analyze your industry and the current behaviors of rivals within it, and then identify how the industry will likely develop in the future, and then suggest the best course of action for you.

Benign competition in the market benefits everyone (both producers and customers), whereas malicious competition harms everyone. Regardless of what type of competition is prevalent in the market you are operating in, we enable you to rise up in the ranks and become among the leaders in the market.

Competitive dynamics in the industry

To conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis, one needs to understand how and when new rivals enter the market, and how and when they leave, in addition to understanding how current competitors behave.

Blue ocean strategies

When thinking of competition, people often think that it means excruciating competition where the winner takes all. They take about it in terms of a zero-sum game. However, this is rarely the case. This is usually only the case when it comes to commodities. The market is large enough so that the chance for a zero sum game is somewhat unrealistic. Moreover, markets are dynamic. While at some point, we may be getting to a situation where the rewards add up to zero (or near zero), this won’t be the case all the time.

A certain degree of competition is necessary. It keeps various actors evolving and developing their capabilities, which benefits everyone. This is what I call a benign competition. On the other hand, cut-throat competition and dishonest tactics can drive an entire industry down.