Strategic change

We help your organization transition from being affected by change to being the one catalyzing it.

Change efforts fail more often than they succeed. The culprits include poor understanding of the forces at play, human resistance, and lack of perseverance and poor leadership from people in charge.

Organizations fail to affect change, both internally and externally for one key reason: lack of understanding of how complex systems work. Equipped with that understanding, leaders can turn the odds in their favor.

Our analysts, psychologists, and network scientists will supply you with that understanding and foolproof your change plans to ensure they succeed and that resources are used efficiently.


When should you get in touch with us to help you with your change efforts?

  • When you are about to a risk project and you want the to stick.
  • When you want to undergo digital transformation and you want to harness its full benefits.
  • When your board is hiring a new management team and wants employees to work productively together with the new management.
  • When you are acquiring or merging with another company and you want the merger to be a huge success (and good for the financial bottom line).
  • When you are changing your organisation to make it more resilient against the direct and indirect effects of climate change.  



What will we do? (processes)

  • Analyze your current change project, the needs and strategy of your organization, and the complex systems in which it will be carried out.
  • Craft a cultural and a mindset change plan to get buy-in from key stakeholders.
  • Assess the costs of the chosen change strategic, and examining options to find more efficient alternatives.
  • Implementing the change effort, and tracking the progress.


  • Your project budget will be spent on a change that lasts and brings continuous benefits.
  • People involved will support the change rather than stand in the way. You will meet with much less resistance to change from people who matter.
  • Your organization will be ready to respond proactively to change in today’s turbulant  business enviornment.

How our psychologists, neuroscientists, and organizational development experts help you develop your leadership capabilities

Our team, in collaboration with your organization’s management, will come up with an achievable vision that has led to the change, show you how to communicate the vision consistently to employees, and get them on board.

Our neuroscientists and psychologists will teach you how to communicate in a way that all employees understand. To do this, we will teach you how to touch your employees’ minds and hearts by how you relay information to them.

We will prepare you on how to handle rumblings that will occur during the change process. You have to prepare not to take those rumblings, questions, and resistance personally, rather, just a part of the process.

We will teach your organization how to deal with questions and assumptions that arise due to perceived changes in status by employees. We will teach management to help its employees see the opportunities/rewards that are presented by the change and how it does not negatively affect their status.

Our team will help your organization come up with a strategy to analyse your employees’ readiness for change and how to include them in the change process so that they can be more responsive to it.

Our team will, in conjunction with management will come up with post-change guidelines that ensure employees feel part of the team, feel that the change was positive, and will provide opportunities for rewards.