Organizational design

Are your employees fully invested in the company’s agenda and objectives? Do they understand their roles? Does your organizational design harness the collective intelligence of your team? We help you answer “yes” to all of those questions.



In the formulation of strategy, you do not only consider processes, structures, and operational systems, you must also consider the people that run all those, your employees.

You must understand how employees interact with each other, how they interact with the company’s processes, how the company onboards new employees, the efficiency of the international network, and how all this is related to the success of your company.

When should you get in touch with us to help with your organizational design

  • In the event of an M&A and you want to create a sense of ‘ownership’ and wellbeing to employees.
  • When your employees are underperforming or unmotivated.
  • When you cannot hold on to your best-performing workforce.
  • When you are designing budgets for different departments and you want them to align to the company’s strategy and future ambitions.



What will we do? (processes)

  • Analyze resource allocation to different departments in your organization to determine if it is done with respect to the importance and role that department plays.
  • Analyze employee engagement and involvement in the success of the organization and offer advice on ways to improve this.
  • Determine if the various departments in the organization are working towards the company’s common goal and if the systems in place allow them to do this.
  • Analyze the existing organizational culture and offer ways on improving it.
  • Analyses employee roles and drafts a mechanism to be used when sourcing for new employees, onboarding them, and ensuring that they succeed.


  • A good organizational design usually results in high collective intelligence, which means that your team will be better able to solve complex problems and execute solutions.
  • Higher resource efficiency as your organization will be designed for optimal flow.
  • Ensures that your organizational Design enables your organization to adapt well to changes in the environment. 
  • Ensures continued growth and profitability of your business because you will learn how to maximize all your available resources.

How our psychologists, neuroscientists, and organizational development experts help in your Organizational Design

  • Our neuroscientists can help management develop cognitive capabilities to help you in conflict resolution
  • Our psychologists will help management and employees alike develop tactical empathy to enable smooth communication between the various levels in the organization.
  • Our psychologists will work with you to examine your communication style, assess how effective it is, and help you improve it to achieve better results.
  • We will help you develop a high-performance assessment criteria for new employees
  • We will help you develop a valid, and inclusive onboarding mechanism for new employees.
  • We will help you design an efficient training and employee-development strategy.