Organizational culture

At Barazi Consulting, we help you perform at your highest efficiency level by providing a framework to create an organizational culture that focuses on your employees and the systems used.

We believe that companies are only effective if they have the right organizational culture. These involve policies created, systems used, values and practices as well as the type of employees.

When the above are working to their full efficiency, you get to have a competitive advantage over others. We will work with you to create a unique yet efficient culture that works to empower your employees yet has the goals of the company as the driving force.

When should you get in touch with us to help you with your organizational culture?

  • When developing a framework to be used to identify the type of individuals to employ.
  • When you are merging, or acquiring a new company and want to have a common culture that will be successful.
  • When you onboard new policies and systems and want your employees to be on board for it to be successful.
  • When you are expanding into new regions and territories and want to get the best out of new as well as existing employees.
  • When you are downsizing and need to create a new culture that fits with the current situation and one that will help the company be successful.
  • When setting up a framework on how to set company goals that align with the vision of the company, values, practices as well as type of employees in the company.



What will we do? (processes)

  • Analyze the current culture to determine loopholes that it had and areas that could have needed improvement.
  • Craft a new organizational culture that fits with your current as well as long-term goals.
  • Assess and calculate the financial as well as mental costs of a culture change and give insights and options on how to harness the best out of employees.
  • Provide a framework to implement the organizational culture change as well as track the progress


  • Boost performance from employees
  • Embed a culture that supports business changes and innovation.
  • Create an environment that sustains your company‚Äôs competitive advantage
  • Design a culture that attracts and retains the best workforce.
  • Design a culture that supports inclusion, diversity, growth for employees, and well-being.

How our psychologists, neuroscientists, and organizational development experts help you develop your organization’s culture

Our psychologists will help you define your organizational culture and come up with strategies on how to preserve it.

Our team will, through research and tools at our disposal, will help you understand your organizational culture, find gaps that can be exploited and need improvement, and then lay out practical strategies on how you can get the best out of your employees and the culture.

Our team will help you define the type of employees that your organization needs based on its culture. With this in mind, you will be able to retain and hire the right type of employees.

Our psychologists and neuroscientists will help your organization develop efficient practices and strategies that will help boost performance and productivity from employees.

Our team will help your organization come up with a good balance between work and life that will benefit both the organization and employees. This is by drafting good work practices that should be enforced to create a conducive working environment thus getting the best out of employees.