Performance management

We help you get the best performance out of your employees and processes by uniting both in working towards a common business purpose.

At Barazi Consulting and throughout the world, we have witnessed the fast-changing nature of business and its practices due to technology and other disruptions such as supply chain disruptions, changing customer expectations, etc. We understand the effect that this can have on organizations and employees alike.

We help you, with the help of our team of neuroscientists and psychologists prepare for these changes, embrace them and make the best out of them to sustain your competitive advantage by having high-performance levels.

When should you get in touch with us to help you with your Performance Management

  • When the company is unable to meet its targets
  • When employees are unable to meet their set targets.
  • When there is a communication breakdown between departments, employees, employees, and management, or company and its customers.
  • When you are having trouble identifying and developing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • When you need to develop a framework to analyze your employees’ readiness to handle certain responsibilities.



What will we do? (processes)

  • Analyze both internal and external environmental factors for an organization to help them develop a mechanism to set attainable goals.
  • Help the organization develop a feedback and communication channel that is unique to the values and culture of the organization
  • Develop a mechanism that the organization can use to achieve high levels of transparency between management, employees, and between departments or offices.
  • Analyze and identify Key Performance Indicators that should be used to measure success or its likelihood.


  • By tying KPIs to strategy, you enable employees to know the role they play in the company’s overall success by breaking down their contribution into smaller achievable targets.
  • Provides a clear communication channel between employees and management.
  • Creates a clear compensation plan centered on the performance role of employees.

How our psychologists, neuroscientists, and organizational development experts help you develop your performance management 

  • In collaboration with your organization’s leadership, we will help in the formulation of principles upon which a rewards mechanism will be developed for an organization and how it will be implemented to lift the performance of employees.
  • Our Psychologists and neuroscientists will help you come up with a feedback and assessment strategy that fits in with the size, vision, and culture of your organization.
  • Our neuroscientists will teach and prepare managers on how to have non-threatening performance-enhancing conversations with employees to boost morale and enable more productivity.
  • Our team will teach you how to focus on the possible opportunities and rewards that can be taken from every possible work-related scenario and how the organization can leverage off it and reap rewards.
  • We will help come up with strategies that foster stronger teamwork and collaboration within the organization. This will enable employees to share in both rewards and threats that are internal or external thus achieving optimal performance.
  • Our team will help management in understanding how to set up practical and achievable goals for the organization and employees having understood and profiled the type of employees in the company.