Who we are

Barazi Consulting is an organisational behaviour and human capacity management consultancy. We are pioneering a behavioral approach to business and performance management. We help people and organizations reach ever higher levels of performance by leveraging multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise. Our management experts and researchers work together with subject matter experts from various disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and network science, to name a few, to bring about unparalleled change for our clients. Our aim is to help organizations stretch their capabilities and achieve multi-dimensional growth, while providing authentic value to communities.

Our team

Our team consists of competent and sharp-minded consultants with excellent track records in management roles. They come from multiple backgrounds and have experience in various sectors. Our team members come from McKinsey, Microsoft, and local and international governmental organizations. They have a breadth of knowledge and experience in managing operations, projects, and all in between.

Although our focus is on helping businesses, our purpose extends way beyond that. Together, our experts form a formidable force for enabling organizations and communities to do whatever they do more effectively and with less resources, and to deal with their most pressing challenges creatively.

Barazi Consulting aims to achieve benign global economic growth, from which the vast majority of the populations can benefit. We believe that projects are the main drivers of such growth, and that if they are executed well, they bring about prosperity for all. Therefore, we view our clients as partners in the process of achieving equitable economic growth.


The company was founded in Oslo Norway in early 2018 by Moneer Barazi, who wanted to dramatically improve the results that clients were getting from their consulting engagements. Barazi has an extensive experience in management and business analysis. He holds a BA in Economics and an MBA with outstanding record, in addition to the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Why choose us

Unlike other consulting agencies, we do not charge you by the hour. We charge per deliverable. We understand that you have challenges and that you are looking for results quickly. Our consulting teams do not only include MBAs, but also psychologists, neurologists, and specialists from other disciplines. Such teams study issues in depth and look at them from multiple perspectives. We have found that this approach reduces the failure rates of consulting engagements considerably. A multidisciplinary consulting team incorporates multiple solutions to the issues facing your business and offers a profound and effective integrated solution (PEIS). A profound and effective integrated solution is our trademark, and it is usually our promise to you. 

Our approach

We are truly grounded in science and multidisciplinary in our approach to fixing the problems that organizations deal with. This is because those problems are often too complex to be understood with a narrow lens of a single profession or discipline. Reality is multifaceted and we need to attack real problems from different angles to succeed in solving them. 


Our mission is to help people make more intelligent decisions, individually and collectively.


Barazi Consulting aims to become the most people- and humanity-oriented organization in the world, and to be a multidisciplinary science and knowledge hub, and an enablement powerhouse where innovation and invention are fostered, to make sure that people and organizations are realizing their potential and benefiting societies.

In short, we aim to be the brain that people and businesses can rely on to make intelligent decisions. 

Our values:

  • Integrity and fairness
  • Honesty and radical transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration