We mainly offer performance management consulting services. Which can include the following:

  • Complete performance overhaul: We study the performance of your organization from all angles, identify areas of vulnerability, and then develop a plan for you to improve your overall performance. This is usually a suitable option for companies that suffer from an unhealthy culture and poor general performance impacting their financial and non-financial bottom lines. This usually involves studying bottom-up performance as well as top-down performance. Moreover, we usually study your daily performance as it is the most critical performance that contributes to your overall performance.
  • Employee performance improvement: this a suitable option if you have only one or few employees who are performing below average. We help you identify the underlying causes and then address the issue based on the role the employee has in your organization. This includes enabling the employee to adapt to your workplace environment.
  • Compensation systems design.  Your compensation system contributes directly to your employee performance and is a very important lever. We study it in depth and suggest improvements in order to help you improve performance.
  • Performance in a specific department: Perhaps only of your departments (such as marketing or sales) is not doing as well as it should and is slowing down other departments. We can help you address the issue by examining its current practices and performance and addressing current issues. 

If you are unsure about which service suits your needs best, feel free to get in touch and we will run our diagnostic tools and identify current issues your organization may have. It is often a mix of issues rather than a single one.