Most consulting companies form teams of business analysts, industry-experts, and strategists to solve their clients’ problems. However, those teams often use narrow lenses to view those real problems and deal with them. This, in turn, prevents the consulting team from developing a comprehensive, effective and efficient solution.

Research and experience show that interdisciplinary teams are more effective in solving large-scale problems. This is because of the variety of perspectives and expertise available on the team. Reality is multifaceted and thus only a multidisciplinary team can provide a 360-degrees view. In our consulting teams, we include psychologists, neuroscientists, and anthropologists alongside business and industry experts. We sometimes also include linguists and mathematicians to further supplement the capability of the consulting team. The results are usually nothing short of remarkable.

Problems cannot be separated from people, and thus we need to view business problems differently. We need to view them as people-problems. Below are some benefits that an interdisciplinary consulting team can offer you.

  • A psychologist can help understand your clients, employees, and other stakeholders in depth. This will help you tailor your communications for maximum impact and enable you to foster trust and improve team cohesion.
  • Psychologists and neuroscientists will help you navigate change and improve people’s adaptability to change.
  • A neuroscientist helps you understand the cognitive processes taking place within your team and outside. This will help improve the clients’ perception of your products and brand.
  • A neuroscientist will help recruit the best person for the right position. Performance is not subject to capabilities, but it is also a matter of person-environment fit.
  • A mathematician will help develop more accurate models that predict results in a better way.
  • A psychologist will help you develop a better incentives and compensation strategy to your employee
  • A psychologist will help you price your products in a way that improves your brand image and sales.
  • A psychologist will help you craft an employee retention strategy that works.
  • A neuroscientist will help you develop products that make people’s brains tick.
  • and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the difference we can make for your organization.