This is an advanced and sophisticated course for directors, executives, and investors. Good governance is in the interest of all three groups of stakeholders, and we believe it is an important area of alignment. Moreover, our aim of offering this course is to produce positive social impact, as we believe good governance helps employees, customers, and community members at large.

This course is continuously updated with the latest information and case studies about governance.

For directors, the course will help them understand what governance is, and different aspects of governance. There will be many tools, frameworks, case studies, training exercises, and other learning materials to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved. We will ensure directors can assume their roles effectively after having completed this course and completed the assessment successfully.

For executives, the course will help them understand their roles better by differentiating them from the role of directors. This will help both directors and managers communicate and work well together and reduce conflict. We will get into details and offer many tools to managers that will help them to implement the strategic vision of the board successfully. 

For investors, the course will focus on an assessment of corporate governance, which would help them make better investment decisions. Well-governed organizations are good investment opportunities, and vice versa. We will offer many models that will help investors assess a potential target investment and make a final intelligent decision. This ultimately should help in allocating capital to well-governed organization and away from poorly governed ones, benefiting everyone in the process. 

The course will include the following:

  • A comprehensive governance framework that outlines essential tasks and responsibilities to ensure that an organization is governed well.
  • Differences between the role of the director and the role of the executive, and how the two roles integrate.
  • A set of psychological tools devised by senior psychologists and neuroscientists that will help you harness the highest levels of engagement and performance from your employees.
  • A strategic management framework that will help directors and executives navigate through the complexity of their environments and devise strategies that prime them for success
  • A comprehensive framework for understanding organizational culture, and methods for affecting cultural change
  • A review of relevant laws and regulations, and the general legal landscape that corporations operate in
  • A framework for crisis management
  • A set of tools that will help you analyze financial statements and find warning signs early on when they are still manageable
  • A governance maturity model. A set of tools that will help investors assess how well a specific entity is governed to assess whether it is a good investment or not. The model can be used by directors as well.

Your organization will have the following benefits: 

  • Better organizational culture
  • Better financial performance
  • Better organizational image and reputation
  • Better employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Better execution of strategies and less deviation from planned outcomes
  • Better compliance with local and international laws and regulations
  • Considerably lower risk of disastrous mistakes that could lead to bankruptcy or failure
  • More attention and interest from investors
  • Better word of mouth given the company’s good social conduct
  • Higher level of innovativeness