Almost exactly like the human body, your organization has various systems that work intricately together. Any malfunction in any of them will cause distress or even malfunction in other systems. Typically, imbalance begins locally and then spreads regionally. 

Our tests are built on a sound understanding of those systems and how they work. Moreover, our tests are based on an understanding of how those systems interrelate and share tasks. 

Out tests are designed not only to help you a solve you a problem in your organizational performance. They are designed to preempt poor performance and give you early warning signs about impending issues. Our tests are designed to help you become proactive. 

Whatever results your organization achieves; they are a result of your organizational health. Like this human body, this includes mental health, emotional health, and physical health. 

Our experts have sat down and worked together on designing tests to measure performance in all of those areas.

Our tests will eventually give you an overall health score of your organization. We often call this organizational vitality score.